We will be using Zoom, (download HERE) for our online dance classes.This will work on a PC/iPad/Android device/Smartphone.

At around 10 mins before the class is due to start, please open the Zoom program/app and you will see a button saying JOIN A MEETING

Click this and enter the meeting ID which you will have already received after making your donation.

Beneath that enter the name you would like to be known by.

Do not change anything else here. Click JOIN.


Sometimes, Zoom requires us to use a password as well as a meeting ID. If a password is required, it will be given to you when you donate.

You will be asked for the password next after you have entered the meeting ID.

Zoom also sometimes uses a Waiting Room. This means that instead of joining the meeting immediately, you will be on hold until we allow you in. Sorry about this...it's a Zoom requirement which is intended to stop uninvited guests joing the meeting. You probably won't encounter this but you may do.


You will see a window with a video of your face! Click JOIN WITH VIDEO. (You have the option to turn video off later)

You are now joined to the meeting. You can then click JOIN WITH COMPUTER AUDIO and you’re in!

NOTE: These instructions are for a PC. iPad and Android devices may be different but hopefully you can follow a similar route.


As people join, you should be able to see them and talk to them!


Possible issues:

For video, you require a webcam. Many newer laptops have these installed at the top centre of the screen. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a web cam…you will still be able to see the other members and me!

For audio, you will need your speakers turned up and your microphone on. Laptops will generally have a built in mic and speakers to there should be nothing for you to do. A PC will need speakers and a microphone attaching unless they have these built in.

If you are having problems with this, there is a CHAT button somewhere on the screen which allows you to type a message which I can see.


If you have problems on the day and can’t contact me using Zoom, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as we will be monitoring this constantly.


Can’t wait to dance with you all! Let’s dance through this storm together!